Although all participating citywide charter schools ran their lotteries for September 2020 in January or February, Renaissance (neighborhood) charter schools are still accepting applications on a rolling basis. If you wish to apply to your neighborhood school, you can still apply for September 2020 by submitting a post-deadline application. Your neighborhood school will contact you directly to discuss enrollment.


All participating schools (except Renaissance charter schools) ran their lotteries for the 2020-21 school year in January or February. If you were offered a seat at a school, you must follow the instructions provided to you by the school to secure your spot. Most schools require that these steps be completed by March 24, 2020, although some may have later deadlines.

If you do not want to attend a school, contact the school to decline your seat offer.

If you applied to a school via Apply Philly Charter and were offered a seat that you have not yet accepted, please reach out to the schools you applied to directly for updated information on how to accept seats and submit enrollment paperwork while schools are closed. Some schools may be adjusting their timelines due to the school closures. When in doubt, please make every effort to abide by the March 24th deadline to secure your seat by following the instructions provided by the school. Please direct general questions to the Apply Philly Charter helpline at 1-800-891-3999.


If you still wish to apply to schools for September 2020, you can submit a current year application. Unless otherwise indicated on the School Selection page of the application, most schools do not currently have open seats for September 2020 and you will be placed on the waitlist. Schools will only contact you if a space becomes available for enrollment.



Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to apply but still have some questions about the application process or about charter schools? See the Apply Philly Charter FAQ.

Participating Schools

  • Ad Prima Charter School (Mount Airy Campus)
  • Ad Prima Charter School (Overbrook Campus)
  • Alliance for Progress Charter School
  • ASPIRA Antonia Pantoja Community Charter School
  • ASPIRA Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School
  • ASPIRA John B. Stetson Charter School
  • ASPIRA Olney Charter High School
  • Belmont Academy Charter School
  • Belmont Charter High School
  • Belmont Charter School
  • Boys’ Latin Charter School (Middle School Campus)
  • Boys’ Latin Charter School (High School Campus)
  • Deep Roots Charter School
  • First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School
  • Freire Charter High School
  • Freire Charter Middle School
  • Global Leadership Academy Charter School
  • Global Leadership Academy Southwest at Huey
  • Green Woods Charter School
  • Independence Charter School
  • Independence Charter School West
  • Keystone Academy Charter School
  • KIPP DuBois Collegiate Academy
  • KIPP North Philadelphia Academy
  • KIPP Philadelphia Elementary Academy
  • KIPP Philadelphia Preparatory Academy
  • KIPP West Philadelphia Elementary Academy
  • KIPP West Philadelphia Preparatory Academy
  • Laboratory Charter School of Communication and Languages (54th & Lebanon Campus)
  • Laboratory Charter School of Communication and Languages (59th & Woodbine Campus)
  • Laboratory Charter School of Communication and Languages (Northern Liberties Campus)
  • Lindley Academy Charter School at Birney
  • Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter School
  • MaST Community Charter School
  • MaST Community Charter School II
  • MaST Community Charter School III
  • Mastery Charter Gratz Prep Middle
  • Mastery Charter School: Clymer Elementary
  • Mastery Charter School: Francis D. Pastorius
  • Mastery Charter School: Frederick Douglass
  • Mastery Charter School: Grover Cleveland Campus
  • Mastery Charter School: Hardy Williams Elementary
  • Mastery Charter School: Hardy Williams High School
  • Mastery Charter School: Harrity Elementary
  • Mastery Charter School: John Wister Elementary
  • Mastery Charter School: Lenfest Campus
  • Mastery Charter School: Mann Elementary
  • Mastery Charter School: Pickett Campus
  • Mastery Charter School: Shoemaker Campus
  • Mastery Charter School: Simon Gratz High School
  • Mastery Charter School: Smedley Elementary
  • Mastery Charter School: Thomas Elementary
  • Mastery Charter School: Thomas High Campus
  • Mastery Prep Elementary
  • Memphis Street Academy Charter School
  • Multicultural Academy Charter School
  • New Foundations Charter School (K-8 Campus)
  • New Foundations Charter School (High School Campus)
  • Northwood Academy Charter School
  • Pan American Academy Charter School
  • People for People Charter School
  • Philadelphia Charter School for Arts & Sciences
  • Philadelphia Electrical & Technology Charter High School
  • Philadelphia Hebrew Public Charter School
  • Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School
  • Russell Byers Charter School
  • Tacony Academy Charter High School
  • Tacony Academy Charter Elementary School
  • TECH Freire Charter High School
  • Universal Alcorn Elementary School
  • Universal Alcorn Middle Years Academy
  • Universal Audenried Charter School
  • Universal Bluford Charter School
  • Universal Creighton Charter School
  • Universal Daroff Charter School
  • Universal Institute Charter School
  • Universal Vare Charter School
  • Wissahickon Charter School: Awbury Campus
  • Wissahickon Charter School: Fernhill Campus
  • Young Scholars Charter School